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December Newsletter



Last time we told you that we were giving our website an MOT and a service! I am pleased to say that these have now been completed. The website is now easier to navigate and we have brought everything up to date!. We have also given it a subtle new look, which we love.

Please CLICK HERE and let us know what you think.


Last month we also mentioned a new Tarot Course. Much progress has been made on this and it is nearing completion, apart from some filming of videos. Once these have been done and it has been road-tested (not sure why we are getting motoring analogies in this time!) it will be available, which should be early next year.


In our last Newsletter w told about this new venture and the response for those who may be interested has been very encouraging - thank you. Now that the website is done, we will turn our attention to this project and we will also bring full details of that to you on its launch.

We can tell you there will be exclusive writings, meditations and meetings - and much more, all based on the use of the Tarot in a therapeutic way, for those that choose to become members of The Tarot Therapy Club. If this sounds like something for you, let us know.


On the shiny new website we have made available our full range of spoken-word meditations, for just £3 each. These are available as downloads direct from the website as mp3's. These will only be available for a limited time as we plan to replace them with updated and new meditations.


Lastly, just to let you know that we have Gift Vouchers available from our website Shop, for values between £10 and £50, if you want to give a truly different kind of Christmas present.

It just remains to thank you for sticking with us through this somewhat different and unexpected kind of year, in all sorts of different ways. There is perhaps nothing so important in life as the relationships we keep, whatever kind they are, and we are proud and honoured to have ours with you, in whatever way that may be.

We wish you a peaceful and happy Solstice time, filled with love.

Stay Safe and Positive

Love and Blessings

Steve and Amy

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