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Updated: May 24, 2020


We wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that you had a wonderful holiday season.

We have a year full of wonderful things ahead which we are really looking forward to.


Our programme of Courses begins next month, with our unique PAST LIVES COURSE This is followed by the CERTIFICATE IN TAROT THERAPY Course in March. Then there is the CERTIFICATE IN UNIVERSAL SOUL HEALING in April.

Each of our Courses takes place one Saturday per month for 12 months. Payment is made monthly so there is no big layout in one go. Places are getting booked for all these now, so if you would like join us, have a look at the details on the link below, where you can download the Prospectus and Enrolment Forms.


Our programme of Day Workshops starts this month, with YOUR YEAR IN TAROT on Saturday 25th January, 10am to 4pm. Cost is £45.

This gives you a chance to see what's in store for you this year, using the Tarot as the basis. You do not need to know anything about Tarot to get the maximum benefit from this Workshop. This is half full already, so if you want to come along, you can enrol via this link.

There are further Workshops, with one each month until May. You can see what these are from the image below and get more information from the link above. Each of the Workshops cover subjects we do not teach elsewhere so we suggest

you make the most of the opportunities!


Our popular Monthly Groups continue, with one each Tuesday and Wednesday.

We have two new Groups for 2020!

We have added an additional MEDITATION GROUP on the second Wednesday each month. This covers all aspects of Meditation and is suitable for beginners or any level of experience. The benefits of Meditation cannot be over emphasised so come along and get these for yourself!

We also have a TAROT GROUP, which is on the third Tuesday each month. This covers anything and everything to do with the Tarot. Again it is suitable for complete beginners or those with knowledge or experience of Tarot. The emphasis will be on the use of Tarot for personal and spiritual development.

There is a sliding scale of charges for our Groups, so the more you do, the more you save! One Group per month costs £7.50.

Here's the link to see full details of the programme -

If you are not sure which Group is best for you, just contact us and we will advise you.


There is a new distance-learning Course now available!

Steve has partnered with Philip Carr-Gomm, creator of the Druidcraft Tarot and Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovate and Druids, to offer you 'TRANSFORMATION THROUGH TAROT'.

This guides you through a personal process of development using the Tarot. Unique in its content, this 9 lesson Course contains specially designed exercises unavailable elsewhere. There are videos, guided meditations, entrance to the 'Private Magicians Club' and much more.

This has already proved incredibly popular, so have a look here to see all the info. -


We are now on Instagram! You can use the link below to follow us, where you will see content and information about all our activities.

LIGHTHOUSE HOLISTIC FESTIVAL We are returning to what has become an annual appearance at the amazing Lighthouse Holistic Festival, here in Poole on February 8th and 9th. We will have our full range of products available and Steve will be available for one to one Readings, of all kinds. Steve is also giving a talk 'The Tarot of Your Soul' in the main Concert Hall on the Sunday.

This is a huge event and one of the best of the year - details here -

So there is lots for you to sink your spiritual teeth into! We hope very much that there is something there that will serve you as we all follow our personal journey of progress to better ourselves and the wonderful world we are part of.

with love and Blessings

Steve and Amy





ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Here is our Programme of Group dates for November. Get in touch if you want to come to any Group this month. Places are limited!



TUES 7TH JANUARY A 'closed' Circle for Development of the highest order!


WEDS 8TH JANUARY The most powerful energy raising technique

ENERGY BODY MEDITATIONS TUES. 14TH JANUARY For health and healing of the Chakras, Auras and Meridians

MEDITATION GROUP WEDS 15TH JANUARY Using the practice of meditation in every way possible

TAROT GROUP TUES. 21ST JANUARY Using the Tarot for personal and spiritual development

KUNDALINI MEDITATION WEDS 22ND JANUARY The most powerful energy raising technique

MEDITATION GROUP TUES 28TH JANUARY Using the practice of meditation in every way possible

PSYCHIC & SPIRIT COMMUNICATION WEDS 29TH JANUARY Developing our natural psychic and mediumship ability




We gather at each New and Full Moon for a time of Attunement, Channelled Meditation and Sharing.We follow a format for these evenings, set by Steve’s Spirit Guide, Simeon. We begin with a Circle of Attunement, to share and circulate energy and protection, creating a sacred space for our work. We look at the specific energies of the Moon at that time, and what we may need to do to adjust to this, in ourselves and our lives.We are then led through the first part of our Meditation, channelled through Steve. Following that we draw an oracle card and share its meaning for us, with group input and support. Lastly there is the second part of our guided Meditation. Our evenings always conclude with lovely social time of sharing over a drink and our infamous biscuit tin!


07852 980199

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