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This is our first Newsletter of 2021 and the first we have sent out for three months. Quite apart from the impact of Covid affecting us all, the reason for this is that Amy has sadly received a diagnosis of lung cancer, meaning that we have had to place an indefinite halt on the majority of our work. Her chemotherapy treatment is ongoing and as we stand we are likely to know more of a longer term picture about the end of February.

We remain resolutely positive and when we are able we will make a return to our online activities and will tell you about those as and when they happen. In the meantime all our Distance-learning Courses are continuing as normal, as well as all our products being available via our Shop.


Early last year we had begun hosting our Course in Past Lives here in Poole, but had to stop that with the first lockdown. Since then we have adapted the entire Course format and we are delighted to now make this available to you via distance-learning.


This is a unique course that offers you the chance to learn and tell ‘The Story of Your Soul’, by discovering and charting your Past Lives. Taking the position that we are a Soul within a different body in each lifetime, this Course enables you to discover the purpose of both your previous and current lifetimes, even taking a look at a resulting future lifetime. This Course can then be likened to reading your own Akashic Record, from cover to cover, on which much work is done.

The study of our Past Lives, whilst it is a fascinating subject, has the purpose and intent of allowing you to realise and integrate the meaning and lessons of each life, into the current life and self. This can result in you becoming a more complete individual, fully aware of why you are here at this time and what you need to learn and achieve through your life. Through this Course you can become more whole and in control of your destiny.

There are many aspects of interest and use that Past Life work can bring. Apart from the discovery of the purpose of your life, relationships with loved ones, successful and ‘failed’, easy and difficult, past and present, can also be revealed. Through Past Life work, we can come to know who it is we have lived with before, in what capacity and why. In this way, you can achieve understanding, progress and fulfilment of relationships with people in your current life.

Content of the Course is in part based on the work and methods of Edgar Cayce, often referred to as ‘the worlds’ greatest psychic’ and who produced much of his teaching while in trance. Other material and exercises are also included.


Those of you aware of Numerology will know that 2021 equates to a year under the energy of the number 5. In light of this, we making a special offer to the first 5 students to enrol on the Course. This is that you will receive two lessons free. If you are one of the first 5 we will tell you when you Enrol.

We have other things planned, with a new distance-learning Tarot Course, a new book, recorded meditations online and more.

In the meantime we would like to thank-you for bearing with us through this unexpected and difficult time.

We wish you a safe, happy and heathy year ahead.

Love and Blessings

Steve and Amy

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