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Greetings! Here we are halfway through this year already, and for us in the South of the UK, Summer seems to have arrived - finally! To bring you up to date, Amy is doing OK, and is as good as we could have hoped for. She is now receiving ongoing Immunotherapy, coupled with the various complementary practices we are doing to maintain her health. We are also ready now to begin to reclaim some of our work! First up is this - OASIS ONLINE WELL-BEING EVENT - SUNDAY 6TH JUNE Steve has been asked to appear at this great Event, to present a 45 minute slot on the second day of this Event - see the Programme below. Steve will be briefly explaining his approach to working with the Tarot and will then select people from the audience to offer mostly one-card readings to. He has promised to get through as many people as he can in the time! You can attend this - plus everything else for the whole day - for just £5! You can do the same on the Saturday too! Attendance is via Zoom - you van book at We look forward to seeing you there! ONE TO ONE CONSULTATIONS We are very pleased to be able to offer you these once again. The full programme of Consultations is available, and for the time being, by Skype, or telephone, only. You can see full details of these, and book, here - DISTANCE-LEARNING COURSES We are pleased and proud to continue to offer our full programme of Distance-learning Courses. At the start of this year we were able to add our Course in Past Lives, 'The Story of Your Soul', to the programme, which has been very well received. There is also the fascinating and unique course taking you on your own personal journey through the Major Arcana of the Tarot - 'The Seekers Quest', plus the three level of Tarot Therapy training. You can see the prospectus and Enrolment details for all Courses here - We will be continuing to work on a new and different online Tarot Course and once that is completed there are many other things up our sleeves! Lastly here we would like to express our gratitude to all of the many of you who have, and still are, sending healing and prayers for Amy, as well as the messages of support and good wishes we continue to receive. It is when we are faced with the tough times in our lives that such things really matter, and the sharing of love in ways such this makes a valuable and powerful difference. As we hopefully continue to come out of lockdown and leave all that goes with it behind, we hope you continue to stay safe, healthy and full of a love that you cannot help but let overflow everywhere - it is the strongest energy in the Universe! Love and Blessings Steve and Amy

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