These exercises have been chosen to help you establish your meditation practice. They are classic meditations that have been used for many years. They are perfect to help you learn meditation from the beginning. These meditations ensure that you have the basics right before moving on to more advanced techniques. They are also complete and powerful in themselves.


You are guided through a deep relaxation process, then your awareness is adjusted to the energy level of reality. Once there, you direct the flow of energy to the centre of your self. This is achieved by focussing on energy from your base and crown chakras, then bringing them to balance at the centre of your being. Here is perfect rest and peace. You are left to experience this in blissful silence for a short time, then led back to the everyday world.



This meditation takes you to a deeper and higher level of awareness, where you experience the balance that exists at the heart of yourself and of all things. You are guided into meditation, focussing energy to the Earth and the Universe, then brought to a wonderful place of rest and balance.


Essential Meditations

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