Meditation is of itself a healing process. Once the still centre of the self has become conscious through the meditation process healing is able to occur as a return to balance in the individual. These exercises add the power of intent and focussed thought to aid your healing or maintain your state of health.


This meditation allows you to become completely relaxed and with the power of visualisation focuses a ring of healing energy to direct its power into your being.


Our breath has a deep and significant effect on our well being and can play a key role in  recovery from illness and in maintaining health. This exercise directs you through a process of focussing and visualisation that acts to detoxify your systems on all levels. It is ideal to use in conjunction with any detoxification process or removal of any addiction. The meditation leaves you feeling light and refreshed.

Both these exercises are beneficial for recovery from any state of dis-ease or illness. They are also of benefit for the maintenance of health, at the physical,  emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Healing Meditations

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