Who are you in the Tarot? Have you ever wondered what the Court Cards in the Tarot are really all about and who they are? Have you ever wanted to be a Princess, Knight, Queen or King? Now you can!


In this workshop Tarot author, creator and reader Steve Hounsome guides you to discover who you are in the Tarot Court cards. Once this is established there will be a variety of exercises to come to understand and explore your relationship with them, and so with yourself, in a way that nothing else can. You will then go on to explore the ‘shadow’ side, of a different Court Card.


If you struggle with understanding what the place and purpose of the Court Cards in the Tarot is, this is your chance to put that right and come to understand them in a way that allows you to see them as real people. In doing so, this Workshop also gives you the chance to come to understand yourself in a new way, revealing new strengths and purposes, as well as challenges to overcome.


You do not need any Tarot knowledge to fully participate in and benefit from this Workshop – though you will gain some by doing it! Get past those blocks of not knowing what to say when the Court Cards appear and let them talk instead.



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