Our previous lives have an enormous effect upon our present life, as we can carry  loves, fears, hates, phobias and much more with us from life to life. This occurs if these things are not resolved and brought to balance by the end of any lifetime. This cd can assist you in this balancing process.


This exercise guides you to a deeply relaxed state where you can contact your intuitive and instinctive sense of knowing. Here you are asked to respond to specific questions that can lead to past life recall and an awareness of how this life affects you in the present. You are then guided gently and fully back.


This is a full and powerful guided journey that takes you back to a past life. The life that you visit is likely to be one that is having some relevance to and impact upon you at the time you perform the exercise. Allow yourself to be guided and enter the journey fully for maximum effect. Trust what you sense and see, even though you may not immediately understand it. You are returned to the present after your journey. Do research your findings.


Past Lives

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