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This is a book of meditation exercises with the emphasis on the practical. There are many books on the mystical nature of meditation, but few which assist us to learn to use meditation in our daily lives, to help reduce tension and stress, and promote better responses in mind and body, as well as spirit.

Practical Meditation separates meditation techniques into easily defined areas, such as breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and healing meditations. There is a full section on learning to ‘ground’ oneself so that you can keep your feet firmly on the ground and functioning to your best in the everyday world.

This book aims to take the mystery out of meditation, making this ancient practice available to an ever-widening group of people. The meditations are explained in terms which are easy to understand and are written for people from all walks of life who are showing an increased interest in the subject.

This books outlines the who, what, why, where, when and how of meditation for everyday use and life.

Practical Meditation

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