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Many people today struggle with attempting to blend a spiritual life with the demands of work, home and family. For many, the rampant commercialism, exploitation and consequent destruction of the modern ‘developed’ world is in direct conflict with the sacred ideals held so dear by those who see to live the way of the spirit.

This book addresses this problem, offering a means whereby the dedicated serious practitioner can learn to live a practical, spiritual life, with what is sacred to them at its heart and as its focus. This is achieved by close association with the natural world, the wheel of nature rounds its     annual cycle, and the Elements that constitute its life.

There are many practical exercises included to help you find your way. Indeed we may well find that it is by living this way that society is changed, since all effective change must come from within. It may be this that finally brings about the tangible evidence of the much vaunted shift into the Aquarian Age.


Practical Spirituality

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