These exercises have been designed to help you develop your natural psychic abilities. Used regularly over a period of time, they can help in personal awareness and development. The exercises have been designed to be repeated for maximum effect.


This exercise takes you through the vital procedure of protecting yourself, necessary before practising any kind of psychic work. This also ensures that what you experience is real and not imagination.


This exercise teaches you how to use your intuition for accurate inner perception or psychic thought. This can give you  increased mental abilities for positive and appropriate use.


You are guided to a higher level of awareness and perception in this exercise, from where  psychic sights and sounds come.  This allows  you to be more aware of the subtle, psychic level in your everyday life.


This exercise teaches you to use your higher perception and the information you receive from it for true and accurate inner sight. You are carefully taken through this process and guided to accept what comes to you by trusting your intuition.


Psychic Development

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