This Group meets on the fourth Wednesday each month, 7.30 - 10pm and cost is £7.50


The approach is taken with this Group that psychic ability ad communication with
the Spirit world is a natural thing, common to everyone, not just those
supposedly 'gifted' to be so.


For some these abilities are more natural and apparent, but for most of us
they need to be gradually and safely developed over a period of time.
This Group will enable you to do this.


We will explore and experience all kinds of psychic skills and abilities, including Mediumship, Dowsing, Scrying, Tea Leaves, Oracle Cards, Aura Reading, Divination Stones, Symbolism, Dream work and a great deal more.

We have a wealth of great exercises designed to enhance and develop
your psychic and mediumistic ability and skill.


We do not differentiate between 'Beginner' or 'Advanced' so you do not
need any previous experience or existing skills to come to this Group.


If you think or know you are psychic, a Medium or experience communication
with Spirit in any way, come along and find out why and what to do about it.



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