Would you like to learn to give psychic readings? Would you like to have your own natural oracle? Would like to learn how to interpret signs and symbols from the natural world?


This unique workshop gives you the chance to create your own Oracle, personal and individual to you. Using these ‘Sacred Stones’ you will have at your disposal a tool that allows you to easily and effectively tap into your natural psychic ability. You can then give amazingly clear and useful readings to yourself and others, just for fun or even for profit.


The day includes a trip to a beautiful local beach to collect your own stones which you then decorate. Under the guidance of lifelong natural psychic Steve Hounsome, you will then give and receive a reading.


As this system is so simple and easy, you do not need to have any previous knowledge, ability or experience of anything psychic. Discover your own natural psychic ability and amaze yourself and those you know.



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