Would you like a team of Beings from other realms to help you? Do you want to discover who is helping you from the Spirit worlds? Do you want to develop your inner and spiritual connection to the natural world?


This Workshops gives you the chance to find out who your Guides and Helpers are. You might already be working psychically to any degree, or be wanting to develop a psychic ability. You may be developing Shamanistic skills or be interested in the world of the Shaman.


Whatever your level of experience, knowledge or ability in all these fascinating subjects, this workshop gives you the chance to discover a Power Animal, Tree Spirit and Plant Ally that can aid your development and awareness of your psychic and spiritual abilities.


Using a variety of journeying techniques, for which you do not need any previous knowledge or experience, this Workshop provides a rare opportunity to journey to the Otherworlds and return with awareness and Helpers you may never have thought possible.

SHAMANIC GUIDES - SUN. 29.03.20 - 10AM – 4PM


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