This cd contains exercises designed to enable you to meet your Spirit Guide. These may be a being of any kind who has chosen you as their subject to serve. Meeting your Guide is a wonderful and moving experience.


This exercise is a guided visualisation that enables you to create and use your own special place or Sanctuary. Created in meditation this place can serve as an inner place of rest, refuge, reflection and power. It can be visited as often as you wish, though not as an alternative to facing everyday reality. The Sanctuary can also be used as a place to receive healing or as a gateway to a deeper level of meditation and awareness.


This exercise takes you back to your Sanctuary. You are then guided to a heightened level of sensitivity. Once this is achieved you are guided to a meeting with your Spirit Guide. This may be a temporary or permanent contact and be for any purpose. The exercise allows you time to identify your Guide and converse with them, in whatever way this may occur.


Spirit Guides

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