This is the first in a series of 5 cd’s, designed to help you establish and make progress on your spiritual path. The cd’s do not assume any particular belief and are suitable for all approaches. These cd’s can be used in conjunction with the book ‘Practical  Spirituality’.


This exercise takes you on a guided journey to the World Tree, which features in many spiritual  traditions as the central axis on which all things exist. This gives you access to the Otherworlds, to which you are guided in this exercise. Here you can experience the centre of your own Universe and discover what is sacred in yourself and your life.


This exercise returns you to the Otherworlds and this time allows you to move out into them a little. This enables a progression on your spiritual or sacred path. Here you may receive wisdom, instruction, healing or simply a profound experience. This is achieved by your visit to one of the four sacred Directions, that underpin our everyday reality. What is received and experienced is then brought back to this reality.

Spiritual Development 1 - The Sacred Path

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