This is the third in a series of 5 cd’s, designed to help you establish and make progress on your spiritual path. The cd’s do not assume any particular belief and are suitable for all approaches. These cd’s can be used in conjunction with the book ‘Practical  Spirituality’.


Love is seen as the motivating power of the Universe. Circumstnaces are such that we can become detached from our view of Love. This is an excellent means by which to (re)discover your own love and that of the Universe. By gently guiding you to a place of safety and peace and an experience of Love, you can deal with what may be blocking your awareness of it.


Our emotional needs are traditionally likened to the Element of Water. This guided journey takes you to a place in which you meet and experience the power of this Element, each time discovering more about   yourself and your needs at this level. You are guided to a place of purification and the healing of emotional release.

Spiritual Development 3 - The Sacred Heart

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