This is the fourth in a series of 5 cd’s, designed to help you establish and make progress on your spiritual path. The cd’s do not assume any particular belief and are suitable for all approaches. These cd’s can be used in conjunction with the book ‘Practical Spirituality’.


In many spiritual traditions breath is seen as the means by which the life force enters the body. This exercise uses the power and energy of simple and specific breathing techniques to allow you to experience and explore the needs of your mind and helps link the conscious and intuitive halves of your brain.


Our mental needs are traditionally likened to the Element of Air. This guided journey takes you to a place in which you meet and experience the power of this Element, each time discovering more about   yourself and your needs at this level. You are guided to a place of lightness, freedom and space in which you can reorient the direction and focus of your self and life.

Spiritual Development 4 - The Sacred Mind

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