The Tarot Group meets monthly on the third Tuesday of every month, cost is £7.50.


This Group covers anything and everything to do with the Tarot! The emphasis and focus of this Group is using the Tarot for personal and spiritual development. There is a wealth of wonderful exercises, carried out singly, in pairs and as a Group. There are Meditations, Readings, Discussions, reflection and fun.


This Group offers you a different method of studying the Tarot, coming to learn more of a deeper purpose and use of the Cards that contain so much knowledge and wisdom that is full of practical, personal and spiritual use. Under the guidance of one who has used the Tarot in this light for 40 years, this is a Tarot Group like no other.


No previous knowledge or experience of the Tarot, or of meditation, is required for you to attend and benefit fully from this Group.



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