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Here is just a brief selection of Testimonials given to Steve from the many
thousands of Readings and Consultations he has given
over the years.

"Really felt a positive, relaxed space to receive information. 

Accurate information given with purposeful intent.  Great"!

"It was really insightful and spot on, thank you so much"!

"The most worthwhile thing that I have ever done".

"Given me strength to do as advised.  At last I have a new outlook on life".

"As soon as I walked into the room I felt empowered.  What a centering experience, thank you.

I feel I've gained much more clarity and strength from this session".

"Given enlightenment for future events and which paths to follow".

"Positive and encouraging, very useful and enlightening for understanding myself".

"Excellent reading, very insightful and helpful towards solving my dilemmas".

"Very understanding and truthful.  Wonderful help.  A true healer and Tarot Reader".

"Perfect.  Just what I needed".

"Steve was very perceptive and enlightened me a lot.  Thanks a lot"!

"My sister and I came for a reading from West Sussex.  I would like to take the opportunity to say
thank you very much for a wonderfully accurate reading.  Steve has a wonderful presence"!

"I have never known such intelligent, insightful and meaningful accuracy, many thanks".

"Thank you for such help.  You answered many questions in my life and gave me peace and peace of mind".

"My first visit to Steve.  Very impressive with the things he said that were so accurate.

  I would definitely recommend him".

"Very insightful and has given me much to think about"!

"Very enlightening!  I enjoyed it, and now I know my next moves!  I'm not worried anymore"!

"Very relaxing healing treatment.  Enjoyable, and very relaxed around Steve. 

Happy with the card reading, feel a bit of relief.  Will make another appointment"!

"Brilliant!  I was meant to meet Steve"!

"Such an amazing reading.  Very detailed and took a lot from this.  Thank you so much".

"Fantastic reading, tears, and feel very happy, thank you".

"What can I say? Wow!  Thank you so much for providing me with some direction.

I will definitely be booking another reading! Fantastic"!

"This reading confirmed a lot for me and helped future decision making, thank you"!

"Steve had a clear and vibrant approach to the reading, very exciting! 

New things to look forward to.  I thought Steve was absolutely brilliant"!

"Wonderful reading!  Humorous and deeply perceptive and helpful".

"Very informative and accurate reader.  Recommend anyone to see him.

Very approachable.  Thank you for your help".

"Most helpful!  I feel I can go away now with a new sense of direction.  Thank you".

"Brilliant reading, very accurate information and evidence. 

I feel so much more positive and happy after my reading.  Highly recommended".

"Thanks Steve, you were spot on and have been a great help and given me hope to cope and hang in there"!

"Brilliant, picked up so much"!

"Fantastic, Couldn't have had a better reading.  100% accurate"!

"Exceptional reading, very intuitive, not afraid to tell the truth!!  Really helped me lay things on the table, literally!  Really impressed, such an empathic, down to earth guy!!  Thank you".

"The reading was amazing!  Past-life.  I could not believe how much was picked up around
the Tudor period as this is something I'm very interested in".

"Scarily accurate in so many ways! 

Thanks for making me think about where to go with my career - feeling inspired"!

"Fantastic reading from Steve.  Described me and where I am right now like better than how my
best friend could describe me!  Would recommend Steve's readings to anyone and everyone. 
I also felt very comfortable and reassured by him.  Thank you Steve".

"My first visit to Steve, very nice man and felt relaxed with him.  Wow, blown away with his reading. 

Spot on and I can now put to rest my anxieties and I know my family are OK, and with me".

"Found the reading very helpful.  It picked up on issues I hadn't even realised were affecting me.  Really enjoyable first reading, will definitely be following up on some of the suggestions".

"Great reading and so accurate and comforting re recent passing of my mum".

"I had a friend come through.  I didn't say what he looked like but

Steve described him to me as if he was in the room"!

"Well I was a nonbeliever until today, thanks to Steve and his Tarot Therapy cards, his way of
explaining is second to none!  Everything was very well put over.  Thanks very much Steve".

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