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Energetic Reality

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

“All is Energy and Energy is All There Is” (Dion Fortune)

One of the many basic principles inherent in my teaching is that in order to become more ‘spiritual’ we need to become more human. What I mean by this is that developing spiritually is not about detaching ourselves from physical, everyday reality so that we feel as if we are floating three feet above the ground all the time!

Kabbalist teachings tell us that the most ‘spiritual’ place is that of Malkuth, which is the physical plane of the Earth. It is here that we must learn to exercise and manifest our spirituality. Only then can we climb that ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘ascend’ to the topmost sphere, that of Kether, known as the Crown. Whilst there is a great deal more to what is contained in the Kabbalah, this basic principle can tell us so much of the point and purpose of our lives.

To describe ourselves as ‘spiritual’ can be a misnomer in itself. If we are alive, if we are a human being, we are spiritual. It may be a matter of degrees of awareness, but the whole point and purpose of life is to provide us a structure to enhance and develop our spirituality, in whatever way that may be.

Such ancient teachings as the Kabbalah, and many more besides, therefore still have a hugely relevant part to play in our lives now, since life is the same now as it always has been. Many such systems or methods of ancient teaching tell us of the necessity of working with the whole of our being, in order to progress in our spirituality, or in life itself.

We know of the need for a healthy physical diet, in whatever way is right for us, the required amount of sleep, fresh air, contact with nature, the need to love and be loved, healthful and positive communication with others and so on. All these contribute to our well-being and help to enable us to be the best ‘we that we can be’.

There is however, more to our being than the physical body and its requirements, emotional needs and mental requirements. There is also the unseen part of us, but that is no less real just because we cannot (usually) see it with our physical eyes. This is the ‘Energy Body’, consisting of the Meridians, Chakras and the Aura, or Auric Field.

Whilst no doubt many readers of this magazine will be aware of the existence of these, how many of us maintain a discipline or practises that maintain, strengthen and develop the health and function of this energetic part of ourselves?

We hear much these days about ‘creating our own reality’ and a fine principle this is. But where does that reality come from; where does it originate? The answer is at this same energetic level of existence as our Energy Bodies. This faster or finer level of vibration is ‘causal’ to our reality. If we learn therefore to understand and work the component parts of our Energy Body, we can have a huge, positive impact upon the reality, not only of what we experience, but also of who we are.

There are many methods of influencing our chakras; Yoga and Chi-Kung/Tai Chi being prominent among them. However, a direct and focussed practice that deliberately works each chakra can add a powerful and deeper impact. Such practises as meditation, using visualisation, application of energy through the body, hand mudras, toning/chanting, gentle stretching and so on can all be utilised to enable you to ‘target’ a specific chakra.

Once the basic correspondences of the Chakras have been learned, they can be used to consciously address any number of issues we may be experiencing, from physical ill-health to emotional and mental ‘conditions’.

Each of the seven main Chakras also relates in vibration to the seven layers or levels of the Aura. This egg-shaped energy field that surrounds us contributes enormously to our sense of self, well-being (or lack of it), and contains the energetic blueprint for our reality. We can also learn energy and healing techniques to create a beneficial energetic flow to each of these auric layers, thereby creating the optimum conditions for the physical reality we would wish ourselves to inhabit.

No doubt many readers of this magazine follow some form of daily practice of meditation and such like. Given that it is at best a daily practice, it can be a simple thing to include a short method to work with each Chakra in turn through the week. There are a great many books and online resources available to give you all the information you need to work this out for yourself, as it will suit your personal preferences.

Whatever method you choose, I have written this little article to help stimulate you to seeing and hopefully responding to the needs you have at an energetic level. This is a big part of your existence and in order to develop at every level of our being, as well as create the best possible reality for ourselves, we need to pay attention to our needs at the energetic level of that reality.

Steve Hounsome is a Tarot Therapy Reader, Medium, Healer Teacher and Author, with 35 years’ experience working in this field. He runs Groups, Workshops and Courses in Poole, Dorset, UK, with a new programme beginning September. For more details see You can find Steve on Facebook at and subscribe to his new You Tube channel at

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Steve Hounsome
Steve Hounsome
Aug 27, 2018

One of the best books I've found on Chakras is 'Wheels of Life' by Anodea Judith and Ruth White 'Working with your Chakras' has some good stuff too.


Great article, Steve! Can you suggest a book on Chakras, especially with meditations, for those of us too far away to be in your group? I love your new blog.


This shows you why our Energy Body Meditations Group is so useful to you!

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