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Have you ever felt that a focus on predicting the future places unnecessary limitations on how the Tarot can be used? Are you curious about the origin of card meanings? If so, this class with Steve is for you! By the end of the class, you will have a way of  working with the Tarot that is free of restrictions and pre-conceived notions about card meanings.

Steve Hounsome, who has worked for over 35 years with what he calls ‘Tarot Therapy’, takes what could be seen as a radical view on how the Tarot ‘works’. “It’s not about a ‘meaning’ for the cards,” he says. “I see the cards as depicting energy – an expression of Prana, Chi, Life-Force and so on. What matters is the energy the cards depict and the message revealed during a reading or whenever you randomly select a card. In other words, there’s no single meaning for a card. How we respond to what the card or cards are depicting at the time, is the most important consideration.”

Steve believes that this energetic level of life is the causal level of our reality. As such, it determines what we experience. “Tarot, human beings and the world in which we live, are all constructed in the same way. Therefore, Tarot is ideally placed to help us make sense of this continually changing and evolving energetic realm. If we use Tarot in this therapeutic way, it becomes a guide for the unseen but clearly experienced forces of self and life that direct our existence”, says Steve.

The beauty of Steve’s approach is that you can use Tarot in this way with or without knowledge of, or experience with the Tarot. This class shows you how!


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