This cd is suitable for use at the time of the New or Full Moon and has been constructed so as to account for the different properties and energies we receive from each consecutive Moon.

The focus of this meditation is planetary and humanitary service. The purpose of the meditation is to generate and distribute an energy and power for personal and global healing. The New and Full Moon is the most propitious time for this work. There are pauses for rest in this long meditationt. The cd is suitable for use by individuals or groups.

It is helpful to be aware of the particular properties of each Moon, so as to focus on these during the meditation. This can be done by familiarising yourself with the properties of the zodiac sign the Sun is in at the time of the New or Full Moon. This is because the light and energy we receive from the Moon is actually reflected sunlight.

A detailed exploration of the subject of New and Full Moon Meditation is given in the book ‘Taming the Wolf: Full Moon Meditations’.

Full Moon Meditation

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