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This deck of Gratitude Cards has been designed to help you connect with and express the energies of the seven main Chakras of the human energy body. These Chakras, or wheels of energy, receive energy or life-force from around us and everything we interact with. Connected to our physical body via the endocrine system, these energies become, quite literally, our reality.

Each Chakra is linked to different physical & energetic systems in our Being & each has its own qualities and vibration. By expressing what it is we are grateful for, we help to create the reality that is going to enable us to be the best we can possibly be. Energy follows our thoughts, focus & intention, & this energy creates what we are & experience, By expressing Gratitude for what we feel in ourselves & our lives, we create a powerful form of thought that creates a reality based on this.

This deck contains 49 Gratitude Cards. There are seven cards for each of the Chakras, colour coded for ease of use and practicality.

Gratitude Cards

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