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Having spent 12 years as a Reader Manager with the UK’s biggest telephone psychic company and given many hundreds of telephone psychic readings, Steve Hounsome has put that accumulated knowledge and experience together in this book.

Functioning as a practical ‘how to’ guide, this book is aimed at both potential and existing psychics who wish to or do make money from giving psychic readings by telephone. This book shows you how to use your psychic ability to work effectively and successfully as a telephone psychic. This book tells you

  • what is required to be a telephone psychic
  • getting a job
  • how to give the best quality readings
  • how to deal with all kinds of callers and their issues
  • how to develop yourself and your career

and much more.

Written in a light-hearted style, Steve Hounsome lifts the lid on the sometimes weird and wacky world of the telephone psychic industry. ‘How To Be A Telephone Psychic’ is a revelation of how the business really works, and shows how you can learn to be part of it, providing an ethical, positive and effective service to your clients.

How To Be A Telephone Psychic

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