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In this, most personal of Tarot books, Tarot author, creator and reader Steve Hounsome presents a method of working with the Tarot to help navigate the process of Grief, following the loss of a loved one.


Based on the widely-recognised five stages of Grief - Bargaining, Denial, Anger, Depression and Acceptance - the book shows you how to use the Tarot as a mentor to guide you through your Grief. Each card is explored in the context of Grief with suggested exercises for many.


The book arose following the sudden and tragic death of Steve’s eldest daughter, coupled with a desire to find a way to use the Tarot for those suffering from cancer, following his wife’s       diagnosis with incurable lung cancer. Steve shares his personal diary of how the Tarot played a central role in his Grief process.


This book shows the Tarot in a therapeutic and developmental role, aligning it with Steve’s other books and work with the Tarot.


50% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to MIND, the charity ‘for better mental health’

Tarot for Grief

SKU: 978-1-899878-58-1
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