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A ground-breaking new work proposing the use of the Tarot as a therapy, alongside the many other complementary and natural procedures available.

This largely ignored method of working with and viewing the cards begins the work of restoring the Tarot to its rightful place of acceptance as a sacred healing tool. The first of three volumes, Tarot Therapy - Theory and Practice explains the theory behind the idea of Tarot Therapy, tracing its origins and history in this light. The concept of both Major and Minor Arcana’s are explored, showing the therapeutic construction of the pack.. The book outlines methods of working with the Tarot as a therapy in consultations, adding many other ways in which it can be utilised in this manner.

Volume 2 contains an exploration of the Major Arcana cards in their therapeutic setting and Volume 3 does the same for the Minor Arcana. This major new work on the Tarot represents a turning point in its evolution, which the author shows has always adapted itself to the needs of humanity since its inception. Here is the method of working with the Tarot in the 21st Century, above and beyond its current position.

Tarot Therapy Volume 1 - Theory and Practice

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