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In this, the third and last of his Tarot Therapy series, Steve Hounsome examines and explores the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. As with the previous two volumes in this work, the cards are seen in a therapeutic context, existing as the underlying energies and forces from which our selves and lives are shaped and take form.

The elemental and numerical energies are here combined in each of the Minor Arcana cards to produce their unique energy. This book gives an insight into what can happen when we receive and assimilate those energies as we go about our lives.

This book completes a radical new view of the Tarot, taking it away from the fortune-telling booth and into the therapist’s consulting room. Having read this book, your view of the Tarot may never be the same again and both you and your clients will be all the better for it!

Tarot Therapy Volume 3 - The Map of the Quest

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