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These comments are taken from Evaluation Forms

completed after the end of the Course.

"I am a person who is very energy oriented and I was rather pleased to discover the way in which the
energy of Tarot works and integrated perfectly with my healing work. The course has been useful
for my own personal development as well as giving me another healing tool.
As always not only the contents of such courses are valuable but also the people you meet".

"I have changed and grown as a result of taking this course. It has inspired me in many ways,
not least in that I now approach working with the Tarot in a more creative and sensitive way".

"Passing the exam has not brought an end to my journey, more of a new beginning.
It has given me the confidence to share what I have learned of the Tarot in a therapeutic way
that really helps people to deal with the important issues in their lives".


"This brilliant and effective course is a definite must for those who want to work with Tarot".


"Thanks so much to Steve Hounsome ❤️ The year long Tarot Therapy course has finished 😪
and what a year it was. He doesn’t give you the answers, he doesn’t read books at you and he doesn’t
tell you how to do it. He teaches you about the cards, how to read the energy of the cards yourself
and how to connect with them, then guides you along every step of the way. He empowers you and helps
you to feel confident with the cards with what, and how he teaches you. His knowledge of the Tarot is immense and he says he is still always learning, there’s no ego. He takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you in such a subtle way, you don’t notice. I wouldn’t have done a Tarot course with anyone else.
I have learnt so much, both Tarot wise and about myself doing this. If you want a Tarot course with
someone who really, REALLY knows their stuff and is genuine, Steve is your man ❤️
I 100% recommended him. Thanks Steve xxx".


"Just a line to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Tarot Course.  The instruction was always to a
high level.  Most important to me were the practical sessions which built confidence as the weeks progressed.This course has opened my senses and started me on a path of self-development.

Once again, thanks for everything".

"I would like to thank Steve for his teaching, guidance and support throughout the year long Tarot course. 

I have always been fascinated by the Tarot, where they were like individual little works of art, but I never actually got around to learning about it.  By going to a structured class, it not only became informative, but a revelation of a whole new way of life!  It actually opened me up more in a spiritual sense, so I was able to, for the first time in my life, explore my own feelings and potential, to 'look within'.  I turn to the Tarot as I would a friend, for advice and reassurance when I have a question.  They are 78 little friends"!

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  I felt the cards were excellent.  I was stimulated a great deal by them and by my tutor.  I am amazed how much I have grown since embarking on the course.  I have been taught to look at the cards in many different ways.  Colour, number, visual interpretation and internal interpretation.  A wonderful journey of self development"!

"Thank you Steve and Amy, for a year of inspiration, growth and joy.  With much appreciation and gratitude".


"A wonderful and well-presented, well thought out course.  Your wisdom is appreciated".


These comments are taken from Evaluation Forms

completed after the end of the Course.

"Steve's courses are, without doubt in my opinion, the best way to learn about the reading of the Tarot.  Steve's approach is thoughtful, grounded in common sense whilst also being spiritual, and above all highly professional.  The focus seems to be more upon empathy with others, than being 'psychic and different', and thus is a much more positive and helpful approach to addressing others' problems.  There is much more substance than show in this approach, and Steve is to be congratulated on paving the way to a deeper,
purer and more sacred application of the Tarot.

I have worked my way steadily through all three of Steve's Tarot Therapy courses, and have found them all to be hugely enjoyable, and personally beneficial.  He is a kind and encouraging teacher/mentor, but one who will challenge his students to push their own personal boundaries.  You may well embark on his courses with the sole intention of helping others, which will indeed be the eventual outcome, but you are also helping yourself, in a very creative and loving way.  His is a very fluid way of reading the cards, highly imaginative and un-dogmatic. 
I have found it to be a very beautiful, life-enhancing experience, and would not hesitate to recommend
Steve's courses most highly.  Thank you, Steve, for three wonderful courses of happy and fulfilling study".


These comments are taken from Evaluation Forms

completed after the end of the Course.

“When I first started out on this journey a year ago thinking I was a Healer, little did I know how much I didn’t know. I had my first Reiki 1 attunement 15 years ago and my Reiki 2 about 18 months ago, then this amazing Course with Steve and Amy. I now know that I am a Reiki and Soul Healer with so much more depth to channelling my healing abilities than I ever thought possible. It has been incredible for me and my fellow students to share all the knowledge and skills that Steve carries in that head of his! I have my files to look back on to hone and improve my Soul’s purpose. Amy, thank you so much for your down to earth teaching and gentle, intuitive way of helping me understand the importance of knowing my Reiki symbols (they are all firmly in my head and are being used). My confidence has grown more than I ever could have dreamt of. There are not enough words but from the bottom of my heart, thank you both so very much".   


“This Course has given me the best learning experience I have ever had. Steve and Amy’s warmth, expertise, encouragement and good humour were inspirational and infectious. I have grown hugely as a consequence, particularly in trusting my own abilities and how I can best use those to help others.
It was a joy to be with the other students for a whole year and to support and help each other".


"Having done a fair number of meditation courses/workshops over the last eighteen months with Steve I would highly recommend him as a teacher.  He has a lighthearted, down-to-earth approach to classes and material covered, and his gentle humble air indicates a genuine wish to serve humanity and the Earth.

A broad range of topics are covered from relaxation and breathing, creative visualisation,
self-awareness and development to healing.  The practicality of daily meditation is always emphasized. 
I have learnt a lot from Steve's classes and hope to continue to do so".

"I started to 'teach' myself meditation from various books and tapes but found however hard I tried it simply 'would not come'.  However, during a conversation with an acquaintance it was suggested that I take lesson with Steve Hounsome.  As this was a personal recommendation from a friend I decided to give it a go.  Now after some 11 months working with a friendly group of all ages and walks of life, I am able to really relax and make my overactive mind let go and simply drift, a wonderful feeling!  I found I eagerly await the next class!  Now with 15 minutes a day put aside for my meditation period I find I am more relaxed, more able to cope with the stresses and strains of daily living and would highly recommend Steve's gentle and effective teaching to anyone looking for a little peace of mind".


"I would recommend any of Steve’s courses, they are very well produced and always participatory. At present I’m half way through Steve’s 2 year Seekers Quest Tarot course. Getting down and personal with a different card each month has been a revelation. Working with its energy has been a soul changing experience. Steve is an excellent facilitator and individually supports his students on their journeys with his knowledge and passion of the subject plus his down to earth approach".

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